KRI Banda Aceh-593 Support KTT APEC 2013

KRI 593 Banda Aceh (

After completion support Sail Komodo 2013 Expedition through Bhakti Welfare Nusantara ( Bhakesra ) that just ended , KRI Banda Aceh – 593 re prepared to support security operations Summit ( Summit ) Asia Pacific Economy Cooperation ( APEC ) 2013, held in Bali in October.

In a release received editorial , Monday ( 23/09/2013 ) , in support of security operations the 2013 APEC summit , KRI Banda Aceh – 593 which is a type of warship Landing Platform Dock ( LPD ) this Saturday ( 19/9 / 2013 ) arrived in Benoa , Bali , to carry as many as 18 units combat vehicle owned by Kopassus and each of the two units of sea rider and  jeep owned by Kopaska .

In addition to transporting combat vehicle in preparation for security operations the APEC Summit in Bali , KRI Banda Aceh is also brought as many as 1760 trees to support one of the series of the APEC summit in Bali .

KRI Banda Aceh – 593 , commanded by Marine Lt. Col. ( P ) Yana Hardiyana , before returning to Jakarta plans to stop in Surabaya to ferry some Marines combat vehicle  in order to support the activities of the TNI anniversary ceremony held in Jakarta .

Furthermore KRI Banda Aceh – 593 will transport troops return to Bali to secure VVIP  and will be in Bali to support activities during the APEC Summit 2013.

source : Tribunnews